Sunday Worship

Important Message


The Session of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church has decided to resume in-person worship beginning Sunday, March 6, 2022 @ 10:30 a.m.

Weekly services will be recorded and posted on our Facebook page and YouTube channel as usual.

Online Worship Services…

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church invites you to join us on Facebook or YouTube  Sunday for worship. The service should be available in the afternoon.

Jul 03/22 – Rev. Keith Boyer

Jul 10/22 – Rev. Carson Hansford

Jul 17/22 – Terry DenBok

Jul 24/22 – Aaron White

Jul 31/22 – Debra Currie

Aug 07/22 – Aaron White

Aug 14/22 – Kathryn Bloomfield

Aug 21/22 – Debra Currie

Aug 28/22 – Terry DenBok

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Are you looking for an online bible study?

The Bible and ‘Trains’ of Thought

You are invited to view a new study series prepared by Rev. Keith Boyer. It is entitled The Bible and ‘Trains’ of Thought. Keith writes, “I enjoy toy and model trains and also reading, astronomy, theatre, and gardening. That got me thinking about a wordplay theme for a spring Bible study in which I follow a ‘train of thought’ linking the Bible and my areas of interest.”

The study will consist of four ‘trains of thought’ videos entitled:

1) The Bible as Inspired Words

2) The Bible and Cosmology

3) The Bible on Broadway

4) The Bible and Gardens

Just click on the RECORDED SERVICES link at the top of

St Andrews Presbyterian Church Barrie website. You can access the website at


Or you can access the videos on their YouTube channel  RIGHT HERE


Do you want to learn about the core doctrines of the Christian faith? Check out this  resource.

New City Catechism